Restaurant walhalla



The restaurant offers, besides the beautiful surroundings of its main dining hall caponiere Delwig, also a bar, a stunning Sea view terrace and the Pizzeria Nikolai.

We offer our customers wireless internet and improved 3G reception even inside our fortified walls!

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Delwig & Boije

The caponiere Delwig is the beautiful main dining hall of the restaurant, its windows are made out of the former castle loopholes. Walhalla's cabinet, Boije, is located in the caponiere which it's named after. Delwig seats 180 and Boije 40 diners.

The Castle Square

The Castle Square offers more spacious surroundings for bigger celebrations. The Castle square seats (in specially constructed pavilion tents) up to 350 diners. Please call us for further details and reservations.


Pizzeria Nikolai, which is located in connection with Restaurant Walhalla, is named after the famous Finnish brewer Nikolai Sinebrychoff whose brewery dates back to 1819.

Sea View Terrace

Walhalla features a stunning sea view terrace on top of the old fortifications. The terrace seats up to 200 persons. Open during the summer season. Available for private functions, with an indoor lounge.